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From small projects to giant masterpieces, we will work with you to create custom artwork that satisfies your color palette, subject matter, style and wall size.

We are a small team of professional muralists in Los Angeles. Over the past 15 years, we've completed nearly 3,000 murals in homes, commercial & public spaces. We can paint directly on the wall, or rolled canvas in our studio (removable and shippable).

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"I think public art is just that – the public's art. It should visually represent the community's vision and pride."

Jeanine started painting at age six, alongside her identical twin sister Julie, in Woodstock, IL. Both girls studied art throughout childhood with private lessons, and continued through college. Now in Los Angeles, Jeanine continues to further her education, having studied at the Artelier Artien in Paris, France; Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art; and under renowned artists such as Robert Liberace, Michael Siegel and William Cochran.

Jeanine established Hattas Public Murals in 2002 after painting an underwater mural in her friend's bathroom. Nearly 3,000 commissioned pieces later, Jeanine still loves the challenge of bringing a client's story to life in an impactful, memorable way.

When she's not painting, Jeanine most enjoys cooking for and hanging out with her family and friends.

Jeanine lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband Jason and dog Marley.

BA from Marquette University | advertising
Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design | studio painting minor

School at the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) | painting
Artelier Artien in Paris | oil portraiture
Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art (LAAFA) | oil portraiture
Kline Academy | Robert Liberace | the classic figure, oil painting
Kline Academy | Tom Garner | Venetian figure painting
Kline Academy | plein air landscape
Animation Guild | Glenn Vilppu | figure drawing
Michael Siegel | oil portraiture, figure drawing
William Cochran | trompe l'oiel
Sean Crosby | fresco
Randall Sexton | plein air landscape




"Nature has gone to great lengths to provide artists with subject matter, and as artists, we should go to great lengths when we reflect that nature with art."

Ian has been drawing and painting since he was a child. His art studies began when he was 12 on Catalina Island. He was very fortunate to take lessons with an extraordinary painter named Denise Burns who taught him not to see things but rather to see colors.

One aspect about painting murals Ian truly enjoys is the range of ideas and images he is commissioned to paint. Where one project is recreating Renaissance figures from 500 years ago, the next may be an undersea world of colorful marine life. People & trees, turtles & spaceships... what makes a thing a thing is what he believes makes an artist an artist; the distinct way we each observe and catch the color, render the texture, capture the likeness.

The privilege to make a living as an artist gives Ian a profound sense of fulfillment every day. The only thing he finds more gratifying than doing the artwork is witnessing the joy other people get from seeing it.

When he's not painting, Ian enjoys listening, playing and composing music; however, these days that usually means figuring out "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" on guitar to play for his two young kids. Also, in his (rare) free time, Ian can be found windsurfing at Cabrillo Beach or backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Ian lives in Lakewood with his wife and 2 children.

BA from Art Institute of Southern California (now named Laguna College of Art + Design) | fine art, emphasis on figure painting, minor in illustration

Studied under Denise Burns | painting

Michael Siegel | oil portraiture




"I love the diversity of the projects with mural painting, learning new things on each project.  "

Jen is a multitalented design professional, having worked in various creative fields from New York to Los Angeles. With her solid basis in design, she has created works in scenic art, murals and 3D digital art. 

Jen worked in NYC as scenic artist, painting on projects such as "You've Got Mail," "Meet Joe Black," "Serendipity," and "Spiderman." 

"I learned a lot about faux finishing on these projects, and had the wonderful opportunity to work with skilled (craftspeople) with a vast range of artistic experiences." 

Jen shares her creativity with her community through public projects.

She also enjoys volunteering at her kids' school, camping, cooking and exploring nature.

MFA from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor | theater design

Studied under Susan Crabtree | scenic art

Michael Siegel | oil portraiture




“Murals are a physical experience as much as they are visual. You’re moving, climbing and stretching to fill the space with brushstrokes. It demands energy and that energy is infused into the image.”

Allison Brown has been keeping her hands busy making, creating and building things since she was young--mostly from found and recycled materials. After taking an art class in high school, and her work later winning Best of Show at a regional art competition, she switched her focus from science to art.

She studied in the Fine Art program at Brigham Young University under Illustration giants like James C. Christensen and Robert T. Barrett. Her education was put on hold when she married and moved to California. She continued to teach herself mural painting, illustration, carpentry, sewing and graphic design while she stayed home with her four children. She completed her degree from Brigham Young University in 2014 in Writing with an Illustration minor.

She has worked as a Freelance Artist and Designer for the last six years, specializing in Murals, Portraits and Illustration.

Allison has served her community as a Girl Scout Leader, Cub Scout Leader and Soccer coach. She enjoys hiking and camping with her husband, four children and dog.

Bachelors in Writing with an Illustration Minor from Brigham Young Uinversity, 2014

Studied under David Farrington | portraits

Michael Siegel | oil portraiture



Hattas Public Murals provides collaborative custom murals to homes, businesses and municipalities.



From your free, initial consultation to the completion of your mural, we warmly welcome your feedback.


Our murals are tailored to your space, palette, style, content and budget.


We can incorporate colors, styles and patterns from elements in the room. How about including a pet or loved one in the artwork!


Our strong code of ethics and vast experience makes Hattas Public Murals a company you can trust.



We offer experience, quality and a process you can trust.



With thousands of commissioned pieces under our belts, we harness our experience with every project we touch.



We use the finest quality paints and materials, guaranteeing the longest life possible for your mural.


We work closely with our clients, following our highly-acclaimed 5-rung process, ensuring a beloved outcome. 



We know you have a choice when it comes to hiring a muralist.
That's why we're proud of the qualities that make us stand out.



We sit with you and fully listen to your needs and vision.


Our ongoing, open communication ensures an outcome with no surprises.


A mural is a powerful communication tool. Telling your story accurately is our priority. 


Because details matter when telling a story, we research for accuracy in symbolic and historic visual representations.


We take seriously the responsibility of creating artwork that reflects the voices, stories and ideas of the people and businesses the artwork represents.




Like any collaborative project, creating a mural that successfully fits your needs requires the following steps:





You have a vision for your mural, so it's imperative that we take the time to fully listen before we design.



We value our clients' contributions. Sharing ideas with each other produces a more accurate and beloved piece of artwork.



After researching for accuracy, we put together a conceptual rendering to show you what the finished mural will look like.



After you review the concept, we discuss revisions to ensure an impeccable design with no surprises in the final piece.



Once the sketch is approved, it's time for us to climb the ladder and paint. Your custom mural is materialized