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Jeanine is an incredibly talented artist, but equally important to me is her professionalism. I love working with Jeanine!

Jeanine created murals for the California Trail Center in Elko Nevada. Her work presented the Paiute-Shoshone tribes on many different levels that were heart warming and very authentic. You could tell she researched her topic and the end result was applauded by all who attended the Open House. Jeanine is an honest, hard-working and very talented artist. I would highly recommend her to any museum or public entity that values high quality, integrity and dependability. She’s the best!
— SHIRLEY J | Elko, NV

Hattas is a creative mural company with innovative and solution-driven work ethics. Jeanine is easy and pleasant to work with, thinking out-of-the-box with ideas I never imagined.

As a designer, I love to work with dependable people, and Jeanine is just that. I have worked with many artists and Jeanine is truly the best

Jeanine is a fabulously talented artist, a hardworking and cheerful professional, and one of the best mural painters you could work with.

When we purchased our new home in Florida we had large wall spaces and niches with no color. Jeanine worked with us and our decorator to make these areas come alive and become a centerpiece of discussion and attention. The murals are awesome! We never grow tired of looking at them.
— ERIC & GINA | Palm City, FL

Jeanine incorporated our ideas with her own creative touches to produce a unique, beautiful piece of art that is meaningful to us. The final product far surpassed our expectations and brings a smile to our faces each time we gaze at it. Throughout the process, Jeanine conducted herself in a professional manner and it was a real pleasure to have her in our home.
— DAN & KATHY | Libertyville, IL

Jeanine painted two magnificent murals in our home: an exquisite two story Roman scene in the master bath that has completely transformed the space, and a vintage view of Paris that continually reminds me of my favorite city. The projects were professionally handled from inception to completion and I cannot say enough about Jeanine’s enormous talent and imagination. It was a pleasure to work with her.
— MARSHA | Lake Forest, IL

Jeanine has done two large murals and a series of art glass paintings in my home. They are stunning! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jeanine; she brings enjoyment and creativity to each step in the process.
— MICHELLE | Long Grove, IL

Jeanine is just as wonderful an artist as she is a person, and very talented. She was on time and very professional. I knew exactly what I wanted the mural to look like, but never thought it would turn out as beautiful as it did, and I am planning on hiring her for other work in our home in the near future.
— DIANNA | Huntington Beach, CA

Thank you for the great work. We are so happy with the mural. You will forever be in the hearts and minds of the parishioners.
— MARIE | Church in Fountain Valley

We want to let you know how admired our tray ceiling has been to all of our family and friends. It surely is the center of attention in our home. We would not hesitate to recommend your artistry to anyone.
— CAROL & GERALD | Barrington, IL

Great experience and quality work.
— Sherman Oaks

Jeanine is wonderful; I can’t say enough about her great work!
— DEBRA | Deerfield

She did an excellent job. We are very pleased. She did the mural within a short time frame and accommodated our schedule.
— Huntington Beach

Jeanine was great to work with. Because my daughter was getting married in our backyard and would walk down the “aisle” by our swimming pool, I requested a large mural on the back of my garage to blend in with our landscaping. Jeanine took the time to scout our neighborhood and get a feel for the local landscaping. She was extremely professional and presented us with computer images of how the finished mural would look. She finished in a very timely manner and we could not be more thrilled with the outcome. I cannot tell you how many compliments and kudos I have received from friends and family who have seen this terrific creation! Now that the wedding is over, we find ourselves spending more time in the yard since it appears so much more inviting with the addition of the mural. Thank you, Jeanine!
— NANCY | La Habra Heights, CA

Jeanine’s work is so beautiful and original. She did an amazing job of hand lettering several quotes for us. We are proud to showcase her work here for all the public to see.

Having Jeanine in our home was an absolute pleasure and the results are just as we hoped. Additionally, she adjusted her approach so our boys could quickly see her go from pencil drawing to the painting that brought our walls to life. She talked through what she was doing while doing it and they were mesmerized. We recommend Jeanine to everyone who enters our home.
— MARK | Naperville, IL

Jeanine Hattas was an absolute joy to work with. In the group of 20 artists working on the largest mural project in Orange County history, Jeanine stood out as one of the most talented, professional and cheerful artists on the team. She was always prepared, always made all her deadlines, and tackled all obstacles with energy, creativity, and infectious enthusiasm.

Two of my favorite memories from the entire project come from Jeanine. In the first, she had been frustrated by the children’s on-again off-again interest in painting the mural. We were wondering if she would have any kids left at all, and if her mural would have to be canceled. Jeanine, however, was not one to give up so easily. The next week, she had a large group of children, in colorfully painted shirts, working feverishly away. Jeanine had bought shirts for the kids to paint a “team shirts” and created a sense of team spirit and pride. The kids were proudly painting away, day after day because they got to wear these shirts! She went completely above and beyond her job description, and she never even complained to me about the difficulties.

The second memory is when the children began to make a giant mess with the paint. They dripped it all over the mural in messy lines. Instead of complaining or getting angry and frustrated, Jeanine decided to go with it. When I walked in on them, everyone was coated in paint and smiling the biggest smiles you ever saw. The kids proudly showed me where they had created texture by rubbing, walking, splattering, or dripping on the mural. The best part of it was that the mural looked absolutely stunning because this created a very dynamic and believable water texture...once Jeanine was done doing some significant “polishing up.” Her mural remains a very popular favorite among the many tourists and locals who visit Disneyland and the Garden Walk murals.

Jeanine is a fabulously talented artist, a hardworking and cheerful professional, and I enthusiastically recommend her as one of the best mural painters you could work with.

In 2011 Jeanine was awarded a contract to do four large murals for the California Trail Interpretive Center (Trail Center) located in Elko, Nevada. She was given the award after competing with several other contractors in front of a jury of historians and western artists. All of the contractors were given an abstract of the basic story of the impact the white settlement of the Great Basin region of the United States had on the indigenous people area during the last half of the 19th Century.

She was charged with coming up with four concepts based on the story line that told the story using only graphics. The details of the images had to be historically accurate and at the same time provoke emotions within those who viewed them. The details depicting Native Americans life both before and after contact with white settlers had to be acceptable to the Native American representatives helping review the project.

Over the next year and a half she worked closely with the staff at the Trail Center refining details of the composition of each mural. Prior to painting the final mural she responded quickly to requested changes the committee and staff asked for. She came to Elko and also worked with local tribal members to capture accurate features of the Paiute and Shoshone people who she used as models for the murals.

I retired before she completed but kept in touch with the staff who replaced me and followed the progress of the project. I was told that she was timely in mounting the four murals and worked with the staff to finish details that were missed during the installation.

The goal of the project was to use the entire southwest portion of the facility that included four large walls. The four large murals working together along with other exhibits in the same area were to immerse visitors in the story of what happened to the Native Americans in the Great Basin and do it without having to use any interpretive text.

In 2012 I attended a dedication of another piece of art work at the Trail Center and had my first look at the work she did; it was powerful, emotional and historically accurate. The local Native Americans were pleased with the murals and the story that was depicted. During 2013 and then again in 2013 the Trail Center was featured in “True West” magazine as one of the top ten must see historical museums in the American west. Miss Hattas’s work is a large part of that recognition.
— DAVID JAMIEL | Trail Center Manager, retired | Elko, NV